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.223 or 5.56 P S D Head Stamp - Maryland Shooters.

13/01/2014 · - MAL 5.56 12-84 - Syarikat Malaysia Explosives Ltd., Batu-Arang, Malaysia - L C 7 6 Lake City, made in 1976 - PSD 13 Poongsan Metal Manufacturing Company Ltd., Seoul, Republic of Korea probably at the Dongrae Ammunition Plant - PMC 223 REM - WCC 12 Winchester, made in 2012. I've been collecting range brass this past year and am now looking into getting a.308 AR. Are there any headstamps I should look for to keep, or ignore? I've got about 4, 1 gallon ziplocs full of.308/7.62 brass to pick through and am wondering if the same reputable.223/5.56 makers are the ones I should be looking for to use in the.308. I. 14/02/2015 · Ammo with LC head stamp Ask Each Other. Federal's website shows their HQ to be in Anoka, MN. One would expect any packaging, address or documentation provided by a company to indicate their HQ, so you can contact them with any issues. Cartridge identification is important to anyone who works with ammunition cartridges, whether it's reloading or collecting. While it isn't foolproof, often the easiest way to identify a cartridge is to look at the headstamp, if there is one, because in many instances that will tell you exactly what it is.

20/06/2014 · head stamps on.308 brass. This is a discussion on head stamps on.308 brass within the Ammunition forums, part of the M14 M1A Forum category; I have a couple of hundred.308 brass with the headstamp PSD 07 as well as the nato circle cross. 02/03/2015 · Picked up 500 rounds and stowed it away. Was shooting the 1:7 build today and had brought along a few magazines of this to try out. Had been shooting some FC headstamp stuff while dialing in the scope a bit better at 50 yards and decided to switch over and try some of the Perfecta. Noticed these swirl marks in about 7 random cases as I was re-sizing last night. these were not fired in my rifle and I do not know what rifle they were fired in other than that it was not MG fired brass The lighter portion can be felt with the finger nail rubbed over it. What would case theses? Dies are clean. rcbs AR series small base.223.

They sell 9×19mm Parabellum, 5.56×45mm NATO and 7.62×51mm NATO ball ammo. United Kingdom. KYNOCH Kynoch Factories, Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd. - Birmingham, England. WWG W. W. Greener - Birmingham, England. United States. NR on a headstamp stands for "Non-Reloadable". It indicates that the cartridge cases are made of aluminum and are. 20/01/2010 · CBC Brass. This is a discussion on CBC Brass within the Reloading forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; I am new to reloading, and in discussing Brands of brass with a friend, he advised against reloading CBC brass.

First manufactured 7.62×39mm Soviet rounds in 2002, NATO-standard 5.56×45mm NATO and 7.62×51mm NATO rounds in 2005 earning the NATO interchangeability rating in 2006, and sporting.223 Remington and.308 Winchester rounds in 2012. The headstamp has the caliber at 12 o'clock, manufacturer's code at 6 o'clock, 2-digit year of production at 3. this 223/5.56 brass is mixed headstamp. brass has not been cleaned nor any type of processing/cleaning performed. military crimped brass including:typically per 1000 count the percentages are:50% winchester 22320% wma / wcc10% lc10% fc10% psdand others.

  1. 03/06/2012 · Found out a very little about it, apparently it is korean. Non magnetic and boxer primed. So other than the obvious of it can be loaded. Is it any.
  2. 23/02/2014 ·.223 or 5.56 P S D Head Stamp Reloading. Picked up more.223 range brass @ show today, some head stamps are marked " P S D" with numbers 1 2 and 1 3 that are not marked.223 or 5.56.
  3. 28/12/1997 · PSD is made by PMC but has a crimped primer. Pain in the butt to reload, I disposed of mine rather than reload it.

22/07/2014 · I have 65 rds with a headstamp of PSD 12. I know this was made in a Korean plant in 2012. This plant is part of the PMC corporation and this plant makes both 223 and 556 ammo. Neither '223 Rem' nor the NATO circled cross is stamped on the brass. I don't have the box as I. 5.56 MM ELP SHORT NICKEL SPIKE PSD 14. ONE 5.56 MM ELP SHORT NICKEL SPIKE PROJECTILE. HEADSTAMP PSD 14. Short Nickel Spike Fragmentation projectile uses old-school screwed technology providing that little added penetration as the core in a Fragmentation Hollow Point. 24/01/2012 · Most brass was Lake City, Winchester, and various mil-spec, but I have a couple thousand cases of a brand I can't identify. The headstamp says "PSD" across the upper aspect, and "0 3" on the lower aspect. Primers are sealed with red lacquer. Anybody know anything about this headstamp? How much less volume and how much reduction of powder charges are required to compensate remain questions. Those uncertainties also made me think about the differences in capacities of various brands of commercial cases, so I set out to measure and test a variety of.308 Winchester/7.62 NATO and.223 Remington/5.56 NATO cases to find some answers.

04/03/2011 · PSD Poongsan Metal Manufactu= ring Company Ltd., Seoul, Republic of Korea probably at the Dongrae Ammunition Plant 7 PSM abrik Senjata Mesiu als= o seen in factory literature as "Pabrik Senjata Munisi, Turen Malang, West Java, Indonesia 7 PT Lapuan Patruunatehdas, L= apua, Finland. "VPT" headstamp with the "V" removed 13 Pu. 11/09/2008 · On a slightly different note: I have some cases marked with a "G" "5.56" and a year stamp. I believe these were from some Guatemalan surplus ammo I bought. I tried looking up the "G" headstamp and the only likely manufacturing source seemed to be Federal. I'm tempted to just junk these cases also. Can anyone with more knowledge/experience on. 5.56 ELP ITS4B IT 4 BALL STEEL PROJECTILE PSD 14. ONE 5.56 ELP ITS4B IT 4 BALL STEEL PROJECTILE CARTRIDGE. HEADSTAMP PSD 14. 50g. IT’s 4-ball IT’s Family 4-Steel Ball projectile. This is a short body profile, thick wall projectile engineered for the Mil-Spec twist rifling to accommodate semi, burst and full-auto not-extreme heat firing. $. 15/05/2011 · 5.56 Head Stamp Id Help. This is a discussion on 5.56 Head Stamp Id Help within the Ammunition forums, part of the M14 M1A Forum category; Some years Back I bought some Winchester Q3131 off. Tonight I was putting them on Strippers.out of 30 boxes 3 boxes4 rounds. this 223/5.56 brass is mixed headstamp. brass has not been cleaned nor any type of processing/cleaning performed. military crimped brass including:typically per 1000 count the percentages are: 50% winchester 223 20% wma / wcc 10% lc 10% fc 10% psd and others.

Sometimes information on the headstamp indicates the type of load VII Z on.303 British indicates Mark VII ball ammunition loaded with nitrocellulose powder. Sometimes markings are deliberately deceiving, as with some.30 carbine ammunition ammunition marked LC 52, made by the Chinese, or.30-06 marked B N. 18/03/2015 · Constitutional Counter: Any firearm related product available, you now get at cost pricing. $4.99 / month gets you cost pricing to the entire firearms indust. 08/01/2020 · I bought 1k 11 thrown in for good measure pieces of 300blk brass converted from 5.56. It was advertised at being 95% Lake City it's 99%. Here are.

25/08/2017 · First off, be advised, these are velocities from my rifles. and as such there is an excellent chance that Your Mileage May Vary. In other words, these figures are meant for a general comparison of various OEM factory loads as well as some different years of production from the 2 same rifles.

  1. 12/03/2018 · The empty ammunition box was marked "PMC X-TAC 62 Grs. Green Tip-LAP" Poongsan Corporation CPO Seoul, R.O. Korea. Caliber:.223/5.56 NATO The green tipped bullet is magnetic.
  2. 17/02/2015 · I know, i go out my way to find LakeCity or WCC but i haven't been doing this long enough to be a headstamp snob. Just want the most bang for my buck no pun intended. I know the 300Blackout community frown on these being used for 300blk; want to know what the.223/5.56 folks are thinking since that's what i would purpose it for.
  3. 18/12/2018 · There's no consistent difference between "5.56" and "223" when it comes to brass. Many manufacturers may use different sources for casings at different times. This means that even within the same headstamp, it is possible that a particular batch was from a different source and may be different. Treat this list as a rule of thumb, and double.
  4. 18/12/2013 · I just received and I ve starting cleaning 100 pieces of.223 and 5.56 brass. I have not taken a count, but many seem to have crimped primers. I will be better able to make this call after they are cleaned. Some of the cases have.223 stamped, but many others have markings that I am not familiar.

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