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Back to gentoo but stuck on dracut luks fstab.

12/04/2017 · I had to adapt the initramfs myself. When you can achieve your task with the bootloaders "rescue" shell, you should be able to adapt an initramfs. I have not done a world update in a few weeks and I like to check things out first before doing this. I am seeing that the latest update of dracut has the -systemd as a mandatory flag. I eventually got sick of playing with dracut too, and have become a fan of rolling my own initrd like an old fashioned Gentoo install, used file to easily get the IDs of /Dev nodes not listed in the guide as well as lddtree to gather the list of libraries needed. I have root on lvm, but skipped the encryption. I directly used /Dev/sda in init.

Revision 1.196 - show annotations Fri Jun 26 22:27:52 2015 UTC 4 years, 6 months ago by aidecoe Branch: MAIN CVS Tags: HEAD Changes since 1.195: 21 -1 lines. 1: ramereth: 1.1ChangeLog for sys-kernel/dracut: 2: ago: 1.102Copyright 1999-2013 Gentoo Foundation; Distributed under the GPL v2: 3: aidecoe: 1.128$Header. 14/11/2019 · The grub/dracut config files are identical. I also notice that the grub config generated for the "new" scenario is different from the "test" scenario, although these changes do not account for the difference in behavior. E.g. in the first block about "feature_platform_search_hint", where g from the "test" scenario has all these hints.

Go to: Gentoo Home Documentation Forums Lists Bugs Planet Store Wiki Get Gentoo! Gentoo's Bugzilla – Bug 361349 Use of /run Last modified: 2019-04-29 08:23:48 UTC node [gannet] Home. I went for using the config from Arch Linux’s kernel package with minimal changes e.g. changing the default hostname to Gentoo. The second part is an initramfs. Since we need to support a wide variety of setups, we can’t get away without it. To follow the configuration used, Dracut was the natural choice. I don't use genkernel, but have you tried dracut? Just add dmraid to MODULES_DRACUT, and try to generate an initramfs with dracut -H. dracut takes care of everything udev related. If it doesn't work, at least is not much effort. Regards. -- Canek Peláez Valdés Posgrado en Ciencia e Ingeniería de la Computación Universidad Nacional Autónoma. > > Regarding dracut: Even though I got it to work, it also just bootet > > openrc and not systemd. Don't know why and I didn't digged further after > > it worked with my own script. > > You could try inspecting dmesg to try and determine why it isn't loading > your chosen init.

Thanks everyone, I've nailed it \o/ A more detailed story follows. After taking the approach of offloading / and /usr checks to Dracut I've disabled fsck for those partitions in /etc/fstab so OpenRC fsck wouldn't attempt to check /usr and fail by setting passno the last column to 0. Gentoo Packages Database. Enable use of systemd-specific libraries and features like socket activation or session tracking.

Gentoo Forums:View topic - [Solved] Strange.

Package “debug” Flag Description; app-admin/clsync: Enable extra debugging. This will hurt performance badly. Be ready for tons of output. app-arch/innoextract. Version bump. Rels bug 553270. This revision is 100% pure upstream, no Gentoo patches. -: NEWS ~~~~ - fixed dmsetup shutdown - new kernel command line option "rd.live.overlay.thin" - dmsquash: Add squashfs support to rd.live.fsimg - lvm: add support for LVM system id - split up the systemd dracut module - support for creating a UEFI boot.

So grub's kernel cmdline would contain e.g. root=/dev/mapper/crypto dracut will by default open the luks partition with a name of the form luks-. This mismatch will prevent root from mounting. To overcome this and guarantee a predictable name add an /etc/crypttab entry of the form UUID= then generate the initramfs with dracut again, and it will copy this file and use it to. All times displayed are in UTC GMT0. Contents reflect the opinion of the author, not the Gentoo project or the Gentoo Foundation. I have an amd64 system with a RAID1 drive and a Solid State Disk. The SSD contains the /boot partition and the / partition. The RAID1 drive contains the /home partition, a /misc partition and a /mint partition. pointed me at dracut to generate my initramfs. Never used it before and so I am still learning yes, it booted already. I found infos in the Gentoo Wiki but I would also hear your opinions and experience: How do you generate your kernel and initramfs with dracut?. dracut is an event driven initramfs infrastructure. dracut the tool is used to create an initramfs image by copying tools and files from an installed system and combining it with the dracut framework, usually found in /usr/lib/dracut/modules.d.

> > dracut, run via your kerninst-script. > >> Could you please explain how is exactly your layout? From drives to >> partitions to PVs, VGs and LVs? And throw in there also the LUKS and >> RAID if used setup. I will try to replicate that in a VM. Next week, >> since we have a holiday weekend coming. > > thanks for your offer. 03/01/2020 · Today I want to discuss something exciting. Gentoo has a portage package that installs the kernel as a binary. It's not marked stable, and I suggest you build this in a VM to try before testing it.

A better way to configure and manage kernels on Gentoo Linux - gg7/gentoo-kernel-guide. my base config for gentoo. add dracut configuration files parent ff1870bd. 01/03/2013 · ОМГ. кто-то ставил нормально работающий MATE в Gentoo? Зачем, если оригинальный Gnome 2 до сих пор в стабильной ветке?

15/08/2016 · [gentoo-user] Question about genkernel's default kernel config Showing 1-29 of 29 messages. In reply to Alexandre Rostovtsev from comment 1 > Well, this is to be expected. Remote X applications cannot access your local > desktop's dbus services such as org.a11y.Bus part of at-spi2-core. > > Have you tried disabling accessibility support on your machine e.g. via the > org.sktop.interface toolkit-accessibility gsettings key? two other issues i have is - system does not shut down some process gets stuck, and gentoo's dracut-048 has a segfault when building the initrd. previous version works fine. and audio jack is not detected in pulseaudio so i have to force the audio output. Gentoo's Genkernel tool will build this initramfs using the Dracut ramdisk builder. Before you start, you should make a backup of your existing ramdisk in case you need to boot into your current root for recovery or troubleshooting.

— Папа, а где Gentoo, разве он ещё не пришёл? — Нет, он ещё только собирается. Среди прочих Linux дистрибутивов Gentoo выделяется тем, что его окружает множество мифов, светлой и.

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